Healthy Lifestyle, a Distant Future

August 21, 2013 12:01 pm1,783 commentsViews: 6

21310737548_yoga.jpgIf we wanted only theorize about what a healthy lifestyle, but in practice to enforce a way of life which we might call healthy – we would be he a big global brain (governing the world and more usefully for the benefit of people opposed to the current politicians their personal ambitions, faults, education, deformed views of their parents … they are people just like us!). World Wide brain does not exist, we must be content with mere theory, and only theorize.

Why is not possible for a healthy lifestyle to work in everyday life, and deprived many people suffering? Unfortunately (and let’s face it all), the primary desire of mankind is to fulfill the ancient Greek idea of one ethical direction, aiming to achieve the ultimate bliss. Even as the basic goals of life. The direction is called hedonism. Desire for happiness, people differ from other animals on Earth. One of the natural instincts almost forgot, lost, or fit into the lowest floors. The largest part of the human brain that controls hoods. Bliss, however, is the opposite of a healthy lifestyle.


The current brings food into the body much waste. The result is a gradual degradation of the institutions and systems of the human organism. Two thirds of people die of cardiovascular disease. The vascular system and heart muscle is damaged. But what from what? Metabolites – remnants of food. The largest number of people emerging threat metabolites hepatic fat metabolism, which are the basis of disease and unnecessary deaths. You can slow it down with diet, defense substances to the vascular wall or even the presence of drugs that lower blood fat metabolites. But failure will ultimately prevail. The proof of the mortality statistics.

Many bring metabolic disorders and sugars. They are effective on their own toxins. I find them in different tissues, which creates a good environment for the occurrence of mold. And create situations that lead to inflammation of tissues. But the impact is on the whole organism.


A second area that endangers humans and linked to his lifestyle, the environmental toxins. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds. In everyday practice, patients test the two most common and very harmful to health. These toxic metals, especially mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium, chromium, silver and even gold, all lead to nerve problems in the body will cause drifting and conducting electrical impulses between nerve cells. These toxic metals are toxic even for a single cell. Then rise to various disorders, especially when re-creating various enzymes, hormones, immune system substances.

These compounds are difficult to reproduce the perfect original gene function. Metals and disrupt these effects of increased conductivity and even degeneration of nerve cells. For example, is the cause of migraines, epilepsy, affective and emotional disorders? And they are an integral part of an allergy! When the toxic load of the lymphatic system is difficult to peripheral nervous system (we see them as armor). Toxins are a major cause of erroneous behavior of the autonomic nervous system. There is no function in the human body, which would not have influenced.