Fitness and Body Building

f_21310573618_eat-healthy.jpgThere are statistics which show that, after years of training in body building, many of the persons who practiced this sport turned to fitness. The reasons of this change are different, from the most common ones, like the boredom which intervenes at a certain time, to health problems.

It is well-known that body building training of anaerobic type is very demanding. In most of the cases, the aerobic programs are avoided because sportsmen are afraid of losing muscular mass.

Another disadvantage of body building trainings is the fact that sportsmen have to work a lot with their chest blocked, in apnea, because of the great weights they use for increasing their muscles.

The respiratory blocking during the force effort is also known as the Valsalva phenomenon and it was initially studied in the case of weightlifters. Applying this technique can have as consequences, in time, rising of blood pressure, low blood feedback through the veins, varicous veins, etc. It is obvious that because of the ageing process, the blood veins become more rigid, a process favored by the arteriosclerosis which appears to younger and younger people. The elasticity of the walls of these blood vessels decreases, so while making force effort with really heavy weights, the sportsmen are in danger of having a stroke, because the vessels can break. This risk is much smaller in fitness.The weights used in this sport are small or medium, because the purpose of doing this sport is not a spectacular hypertrophy of the muscles, but fortifying, putting into relief and reshaping the muscles.

Another advantage of fitness is a richer and more varied area of exercises, inspired from the complex training of body building but also of many other sports. For example, we find in fitness plyometrics exercises used in athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting, fight sports, etc. These programs have as consequence the forming of much more functional muscles, which can cope with demanding situations in real life, not only with posing during body building contests.

Because there is no obsession for muscles, aerobic training can be introduced in the programs. Its advantages are: making the blood vessel walls more elastic, decreasing cholesterol and making excellent prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.

Time is another factor which must be considered. While in body building the simplest divided program requires a minimum of four weekly trainings, in fitness, where all or most of the muscle groups are exercised during one training, three non-consecutive days a week are enough. The aerobic exercises can be done either in the free days, or additional to the training in the gym, in this case the total time of training being of one hour and a half at most.

Passing from body building to fitness does not have as consequence significant loss of muscular mass, even if the volume of the muscles is diminished. Anyway, the fortifying and relief of the muscles are not lost. This small loss is fully compensated by the advantages of practicing much more complex exercises and, why not admit, much safer for the health of the people.

Healthy Foods for Babies

01310573619_a-healthy-lifestyle.jpgDo you already have a baby? Or are you just planning to have one? If yes, then there are certain things that you need to know. The first is how to make him healthy, and how to keep him away from germs and dirt. If you can only buy lab coat so that you can be the one to assist your child all the time, you will do that. But you cannot do that. For your part, you can just give your child a hundred percent of love and healthy foods, but not to attend to him 24 hours, 7 days a week, most especially if you have work.
Juices are also good but only in a very small amount. Too much sweetness is not good for babies. So, from the time that the doctors in lab jackets already released you from confinement after delivery, you must then proceed with breastfeeding. If your milk is almost as clear as water, then stop breastfeeding.

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Kickstart a healthy lifestyle

11310737874_yoga-for-health2.jpgTo kickstart a healthy lifestyle Your body needs a balance. It needs PROPER nutrients to function well… properly. Getting the right amount of the proper nutrients is key to a balanced nutrition which provides fuel for your daily activities. It also helps kick start your metabolism, aiding in weight loss, and helps keep you going through out the day. =) Here are some very simple ways to help Kickstart your healthy lifestyle¬†and to help you start living better.
* ALWAYS EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST – Your body is crying for food in the morning which is why it is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism and provides you energy to help start your day!
* EAT SMALLER MORE FREQUENT MEALS – Like so many others I am always on the go. So instead of starving all day then gorging in one meal I eat small snacks all through the day. This helps keep you from those nasty energy slumps and also helps keep the craving for sugary snacks away.
* HAVE HEALTHY SNACKS- Fruits, Veggies and small servings of protein such as unsalted nuts, yogurts or low fat cheeses are perfect for snacking on all day! This again will help prevent over eating at lunch or dinner.
* ACTIVELY SHIFT YOUR FOOD CHOICES – Aim to get your body a wide variety of nutrients, including protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
* PROTEIN IS IMPORTANT – Protein is contained in every part of your body. It builds and maintains healthy body tissue,It provides an excellent source of good sustainable energy and controls many of the important processes related to metabolism which burns fat. You should aim to eat 2-3 servings of protein everyday
* FIBER IS IMPORTANT – A very important competent in a healthy diet. The is very important to your digestive system. It helps process and absorb nutrients. Fiber is only found in food that comes from plants. Fruits, vegetables, beans, oats, whole grain anything are all great sources of fiber.
* REDUCE LEVELS OF SUGAR, SATURATED FAT AND SALT – Checking the labels of the food you eat is a good way to limit the amount you consume.
* MOST IMPORTANTLY STAY HYDRATED WITH PROPER FLUIDS – These are just some simple steps to help get you on your way to a better fuller life. You would be so surprised at the difference even the smallest change in your diet will make in your over well being. All of us aspire to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. It is truly in your reach if you just to commit to some GRADUAL, long-term lifestyle changes.
Healthy diets as well as some regular physical activity are the biggest factors to everything good throughout your entire life cycle. Something as simple as taking a brisk walk and skipping dessert or eating fruit instead of pie is all you need to start this gradual process.
Having a friend or mentor or someone with the same goals in mind also help you stick to your goal as well as helping move from being gradual to long term to a habit you do everyday! The more you start doing the better you will start to feel then the easier it will be to keep going. Before you know it you will look forward to your daily activities. They’ll be more of a leisure not a chore and you will see that you won’t only start losing weight and feeling better but you have started your new healthy lifestyle and¬†started gaining a new lease on life!
God Bless
Bradley D Gardner/Nutrition Advisor
Bradley D Gardner
Offering insight and tips for helping others achieve they’re goals while inspiring and motivating to help you reach your personal BEST!

Colon Healthy Recipes And Foods

01310573963_wholefishvegetablecreamsauce.jpgHaving a healthy colon is the key to long term health and finding good colon healthy recipes is one way to help keep your body healthy. While it might be difficult to actually locate recipes that are labeled to be healthy for the colon, you can learn to recognize them by the ingredients that they contain- namely fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, a healthy recipe will contain little or no white flour and white sugar. Perhaps the best recipe for colon health, however is to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals as described below.

The large intestine or colon is where the results of the entire digestive process gather up to leave the body. Due to poor eating habits, most people have an unhealthy colon resulting in constipation. If your colon is not in tip top shape, food can get trapped in the lining and start to rot. It can also become hardened in there and can even be trapped in your colon for years!

Of course, food plays a big role in the health of your colon. There are many arguments for the pros and cons of a vegan diet, however when it comes to colon health, a vegetarian way of eating has many benefits.

Animal foods are hard to digest where plant foods are quite easy to digest. So, colon healthy recipes will include little or no animal foods and be based mainly on whole grains, fruits and vegetables. In addition to good colon health, using recipes made with these foods will have a pronounced effect on your overall health in general.

Vegetables and fruits are very colon friendly and can be processed or digested quite easily by the body. They contain a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes and fiber- all things that are essential to good health. Fiber, in particular, is good for your colon health as it adds bulk which helps to pass the food along the digestive tract.

One simple and easy breakfast recipe could be a fruit salad with oatmeal (not the packaged or instant stuff). Natural fruit juice can be quite healthy too although it does not have fiber and drinking a lot of water will help with the digestive process.

Always try to include a salad for lunch with lots of dark leafy greens. Stay away from the iceburg and try to include romaine lettuce and spinach as these have more vitamins. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and kale are great additions to any salad. Don’t forget the olives and artichokes for a little zest. Instead of bottled dressing which is probably loaded with sugar, try olive oil and vinegar- you might even mix in some fresh herbs and create your own salad dressing recipe!

For snacks, stay away from anything that comes in a package and go for raw nuts, fruit, veggies or even a nice fruit smoothie- made with real fresh fruit, of course! If you need something crunchy try spreading all natural peanut butter on celery (this can also help to satisfy any cravings for sweets).

Colon healthy recipes for dinner follow the same common sense rules. Try cutting down on the red meat and eating fresh fish along with a salad and perhaps some steamed broccoli, zucchini and carrots. If you need something more substantial try adding brown rice, corn on the cob or potatoes.

Just like with any other aspect of your health, eating nutritious healthy foods is a sure fire way to keep your colon, and your whole body, in good health.